My name is Tatiana Goded. I am an accredited life coach and member of the Australia and New Zealand Coaching alliance (ANZCAL), specialized on midlife crisis, long-forgotten dreams and career change.

I am a scientist by training, with a long experience of living in my mind with facts, facts, facts. But one day I discovered there wasn’t any “me” at work, I was losing my soul, the centre of who I was. And I went back to remembering all my long-forgotten dreams, all that I wanted to be and live. I wondered what I had turned into, and who I really was. Moreover, I was not taking enough care of myself, and health issues arose. Through that “crisis” I discovered that I needed to go back to be myself, and to make decisions based on my heart and soul. I discovered I didn’t want my mind to rule all my decisions, it wasn’t helping me find who I truly was.

And then I took a path of rediscovery. I started asking myself what needs I really had, what my heart truly needed. Now I am more connected with my soul, now I take better care of myself. Now I make decisions with my heart first, now I choose to live a meaningful life.

In my spare time, I love to go tramping around New Zealand and overseas, I absolutely love to travel and explore new places, I love to read and write, and to spend quality time with my little daughter, my partner, my family and my friends.

And I endeavour to help you find your own path of self-discovery, and to realise again how beautiful life really is.