Feedback from past clients

“I really enjoyed our online sessions together Tatiana. Your calm supportive encouragement and helpful exercises were really effective in me finding my true purpose and empowering me to follow it. Thank you so much!”


“Tatiana helped me to focus my thoughts onto where I wanted to be in my own therapy business and why I hadn’t taken the next step in terms of marketing my services. Our coaching sessions together brought me insight into those areas that I needed to work on, using the therapeutic modalities that I employ and the combination worked extremely well. I found Tatiana to be friendly, supportive and trustworthy. I would recommend her services to others seeking clarity in their own business and personal lives.”


“Tatiana worked with me over a period of five weeks helping me to identify real and imagined barriers and implementing strategies to label those barriers for what they were allowing us to find effective exercises to step through them. I found Tatiana’s manner to be gentle and reassuring. Sometimes I struggle to take help or advise from people and I think it’s because our egos clash, but this wasn’t an issue for us. I felt that while she has a wealth and breadth of experience, what Tatiana doesn’t have is a hungry ego. She is able to walk in my shoes, she is able to understand from differing perspectives and help to manifest the kind of thinking, the kind of confidence and help implement the kinds of habits that open doors and invite me to walk through. I am most grateful for the sessions we have had and the learning and personal growth that came from them. I feel assured knowing that I have Tatiana as a resource to help me achieve my future goals should I need her again.”


If you are one of my clients and have finished your coaching sessions, I would love to hear your feedback.

This will help me understand your level of satisfaction and keep improving on my coaching services. Thank you very much and all the very best,