Why am I always so stressed? ; Why am I not as happy as I used to be?

Why can’t I simply enjoy life as it is? ; What happened with all my childhood dreams?

These are questions many of us ask ourselves. One day we are happy in life, and the next one we realise we have lost connection with who we are, and we don’t even know what we want. What has happened to us? The very demanding modern life has sucked out our energy, and we feel exhausted from early morning, dragging ourselves each day to “get things done”. Sometimes we go in automatic mode all day without even knowing why we keep going.

If we have checked with our doctor and/or health practitioner and everything is fine with us, then we ask ourselves “what is wrong with me?” Very often, the main problem is the loss of connection with ourselves and our world. We have lost the ability to be fully present and just accept things as they are.

I am sure you have heard about mindfulness before, and what incredible benefits it has, from reduced stressed and anxiety, to increased awareness and presence, helping you have a fulfilling life without needing anything in your life. Well, it is all true, I can tell you from my own personal experience. If you follow a mindfulness programme and do your regular practice, in just a few weeks you will start noticing how you are “suddenly” less reactive, more peaceful, how your negative thoughts fade out faster or even disappear, and you start wondering how this could happen, and how by “simply” doing regular meditation practice, you feel so alive! These are the first symptoms of being more mindful in your life, bringing mind clarity to make the best decisions for you in this moment. For this to happen, you “simply” need to follow a mindfulness programme and keep committed to it. You will be amazed by the changes you will see in your every day life.

I am an accredited Mindfulness Facilitator, with a certificate accredited by IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance). I offer 8-week mindfulness programmes and one on one mindfulness sessions.

May this mindfulness programme bring you peace and presence, may you feel the joy of being alive.

With kindest regards,

Tatiana Goded                                                                                                                                          

Incepti Kiwiana (www.inceptikiwiana.com; incepti@inceptikiwiana.com)

The 8 week mindfulness course

Each week, you will benefit from:

In this course, you will learn the techniques to start a mindfulness practice embedded in your lifestyle. You will get an in-depth understanding of the benefits of practicing mindfulness on a daily basis.

The aim of this course is for you to have established a regular mindfulness practice by the end of this course, and to have started noticing the immense benefits in your lifestyle, including reduced stress, anxiety and sadness, less reactivity and more awareness and self-acceptance. By the end of this course, the benefits you might have noticed from the 8-week practice will hopefully convince you to keep practicing on a daily basis. Long-term benefits of mindfulness are only obtained after a long-term regular practice, of a minimum of six months. By then, most people have embedded mindfulness in their lives and they continue doing regular practice, as they feel calmer, peaceful and content in their lives, accepting things as they are.

Courses are designed for small groups only (maximum 10 people).

  • Learning an aspect of mindful awareness.
  • Explanation of how mindfulness works and why we do the practices
  • Starting a new meditation practice for the week, usually consisting of 2 10-minute meditations per day.
  • Introducing a habit releaser for the week.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn how the mind works, bringing you outside of your “being” mode and adding unnecessary “secondary suffering”. You will learn (more than that, you will “discover” within you) that there is another way of living, a way of stillness and peace, of being aware of your own body and an observer of your thoughts and emotions.

You will learn:

  • Why these practices are so successful.
  • How to recognise unhelpful thoughts and emotions you used to constantly get caught into, and how these add unnecessary suffering in your life.
  • How to look “at” your thoughts, rather than “from” them, and how they loose strength as you pay them less attention. As you continue doing regular practice, you will notice how these occur less often.
  • How to turn upside down unhelpful old habits, bringing you new perspectives.
  • How to switch from the “doing” mode to the “being” mode, bringing stillness and peace in your life.
  • How to “come back” when you get caught up in your thoughts, focusing again on your practice.
  • How these practices, almost “by magic” transform your life, reconnecting you with the core of who you are.
  • You will receive further references to deepen your knowledge of mindfulness and keep practising.

Included in the programme

  • Mindfulness programme booklet
  • Access to meditation practices for each week
  • Voucher for 50% off in a 60min coaching/mindfulness one-on-one session
  • Further recommendations (books, websites, retreats, courses) to continue your mindfulness practices after the end of this course.

Why 8 weeks?

In neuroscience, it is said that it takes 8 weeks to rewire the brain, releasing old unhelpful habits and bringing a new way of being in the world.

After 8 weeks of regular meditation practices and habit releasers, most people have rediscovered the person they want to be in live. Most people already see the benefits within the first 2-3 weeks of practice. Some might even notice it in week 1. The great majority of people who have done through an eight-week mindfulness programme, keep practising meditation on a regular basis, increasing the benefits they take from it, day by day, moment by moment.

Why doing mindfulness practices?

  • To significantly reduce our stress and anxiety levels, as well as sadness moments.
  • To bring more awareness and presence into our lives.
  • To bring the much needed self-compassion for all that we do in life, helping us start to heal from our deepest wounds.
  • To bring loving-kindness to ourselves first, and then to others and the Earth, helping us feel part of the human race again.
  • To become an observer of our lives, and with it an immense clarity of what we would like to keep or take away. These practices help us clear up our minds and find the right path for us.
  • Even in extremely challenging circumstances, mindfulness practices have helped so many people to bring self-compassion and acceptance, to the point of them feeling an immense peace even in really difficult situations.

Cost of the course: $240

Cancelation policy

All cancellations before 14 days prior to the first day of the course will have a full refund of the cost of the course.

Cancelations between 14 days and 7 days before the course will have a 50% cancelation fee.

Any booking within 7 days of the starting date of the course will have a 100% cancelation fee.

Any cancelations will have the option of booking for any of the next 2 mindfulness courses, at no additional cost.

Next courses available

Starting: Wednesday 10 February 2021

End: Wednesday 17 March 2021

Time: 6.00-7.30pm

Location: Petone Library, 7A Britannia Street, Petone, Lower Hutt


To book for an 8-week mindfulness programme, click below.

To book for an 8-week mindfulness programme, click below. In date, please choose the first day of the course you wish to attend.For a one-on-one mindfulness session (either 60min or 90min) please book through the link below too.