A life coach is a person that helps their clients reconnect to their feelings. He/she will help you find inner sources of happiness, that might be long forgotten or buried below tons of worries and unhappiness.

A life coach’s main purpose is not to give you advice (like a counsellor) and does not offer therapy (like a psychologist or a psychiatrist). Through different coaching techniques, a life coach can take you through a path of profound healing and self discovery that will change your life. You will find out how changing the perspective, life turns into something bright, colourful and full of possibilities. After so many months (or even years) of pain and suffering, you will wonder at how small changes can improve your lifestyle.

A life coach will walk hand in hand with you to find your own answers, those that have always been there inside you. Working hand in hand with a life coach will give you confidence in yourself and trust in life.

What do I do?

  1. Wellbeing coaching: I am specialized on wellbeing coaching. I am looking for people with long-forgotten dreams that they have parked aside due to life’s busyness and responsibilities.
  2. Career change: I am also especially interested in people who feel their work is not them anymore, and are willing to explore further and give themselves a chance to be fulfilled.
  3. Improving your quality of life: sometimes, your quality of life can change with simple small changes: taking 5–10 minutes breaks throughout your day to breathe and relax, meditating early in the morning or in the evening, taking some time during the week to take care of yourself, through exercise, having tea with a friend, painting, reading… Basically, doing something that you love, instead of running around all day getting chores done.

It is my business to provide high quality life coaching sessions to help you find your own answers to your issues or concerns.